Videos of the June 9th, 2017 event are online!

We are pleased to announce that our videos for the great 2017 event can now be viewed on the official TEDx Youtube Channel! If you would like to recap with the nice talks that were held on the June 9th event, then check out link here or watch below!

Event Programme for June 9th, 2017 is up!

The event programme for June 9th, 2017 is as follows:

TED Video/Trailer
Welcome Speech
Talk - Klaus Gramann: Imaging Human Brain Activity in Motion
Talk - Anja Förster: Competing for the future
TED Video 1
Talk - Peter Onneken: Spreading fake news - How to fool the media
Talk - Paul von Gruben: Design of the platform business
TED Video 2
Talk - Lubna Rashid: Positive Outcome of Refugees
Talk - Milena Glimbovski: How a little change today can have a big impact tomorrow
Closing of the Event

Tickets are sold out

The Ticket applications for the TEDxTUBerlin event have ended on May 27th, 2017.

All Tickets for the TEDxTUBerlin event on June 9th, 2017 are sold out.

For more Information, please visit the Ticketing website at:

Your TEDxTUBerlin Team

Latest talks

Here are some examples of TED and TEDx talks featured in previous events all around the world. The talks include some of our favorite talks and are there to inspire you.